Truffle is a tuber with very ancient origins that lives in symbiosis with the roots of plants such as linden trees, oaks and poplars.
There are three varieties of truffle, which differ mainly in flavor, smell and picking period:
the white truffle, the most prized, has its peak of seasonality between October and December;
the black truffle, is found throughout the Winter season;
the scorzone truffle, is found between Spring and early Summer.
Given that cultivation is not possible, it represents one of the most precious rarities of the Italian gastronomic panorama.
The San Miniato area around Villa di Moriolo is a high-density truffle district, known as the second Italian site for the quantity of truffles found.
For this reason, the Municipality of San Miniato organizes every year in November the National White Truffle Exhibition Market, an enogastronomic festival that attracts Italian and foreign tourists, where the Truffle is the undisputed protagonist.
Do you want to discover all the secrets of the “truffle hunters”?
Experience an exciting two-hour tour with a local truffle-hunter and his dog to search the finest truffles in the Tuscan forests.
Once back at the Villa, enjoy the menu of typical appetizers and first courses with truffles, and taste the true Tuscan life.
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